Kendrick Lamar’s Mom Reacts To His Latest Album In The Best Way Ever

Kendrick Lamar’s mom congratulates him on his new album.

Roughly 2 weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar dropped his fourth studio album DAMN. via Interscope Records and Top Dawg Entertainment.

Never one to sacrifice his art for the sake of profit, Kendrick has delivered on every album since his 2011 studio debut Section. 80. 

DAMN. is aptly titled because once you get through the album you realize how damn GREAT Kendrick is at what he does. His growth as an artist is in his lyrical delivery, subject matter, and overall sound within each album.

Recently, all 14 tracks on DAMN. reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Kendrick the fifth artist in history to do so after The Beatles, Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Beiber.

Nevertheless, these are minor accomplishments compared to receiving a text from your mom congratulating you on your new album. Below is a text exchange between Kendrick and his mom.

Kendrick’s mom went “emoji brazy” and called her son’s latest work “bomb” with four “100” emojis after it. It turns out family being your critics can never hurt!

Be sure to stream DAMN. on all available platforms. Also, what are yall’s fave tracks from the album? Lately, I’ve had “PRIDE.”, “DNA.”, “FEEL.” and “DUCKWORTH.” on repeat!


‘Power’ Fans…Season 4 Is On The Way!!! [MINOR SEASON 3 SPOILERS AHEAD]

Season 4 of the STARZ hit drama ‘Power’ will be arriving earlier than expected. The release date comes straight from show creator Courtney Kemp’s Instagram page.

‘Power’ fans— the wait for Season 4 is coming closer than we think!

Show creator Courtney Kemp released this teaser trailer on her Instagram earlier today. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO SEE THE FULL SEASON FOUR TRAILER THOUGH. Originally, the follow-up to season 3 was slated for a July 2017 release. That was last June when season 3 ended. Courtney and her team were trippin’ to think we’d wait peacefully to see how Ghost finesses his way out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

The end of season 3 left us with so many cliffhangers that if we were pushed to the edge anymore, we probably would’ve fell to our deaths! What’s gonna happen to Ghost’s son Tariq? Will Kanan kill him? Will Tommy take over the business now that Ghost is in jail?

Make sure you watch season 4 of POWER on June 25th, only on STARZ.

Spotify and Genius Bring Forth “Behind the Lyrics”

Genius and Spotify’s “Behind the Lyrics” explains song lyrics through the eyes of the artist.

Image via

Often times more than not, we find ourselves looking up lyrics to our favorite songs by our favorite artists. However; we may be unaware of the artists’ true intent behind a certain lyric. Genius, the media knowledge company that hosts a community of users annotating lyrics taps into Spotify for a huge collaboration. Their collaboration is in the form of an app called “Behind the Lyrics.”

With their “Behind the Lyrics” feature backed by both companies coming to Android, hip-hop fans can satisfy their need for knowledge behind any song. Originally introduced to iPhone iOS last year, the program was called “Fact Tracks” in which users where given artist anecdotes as the music streamed.

Alternative-R&B artists Khalid celebrates the Android expansion by sharing why he believes in Behind the Lyrics.

Twitter via @thegreatkhalid

In an interview with HipHopDX, Khalid says, “You listen to a record, and you interpret it in your own way. But with this, you can see what the artist felt. ‘Maybe it means this.’ Music can mean anything you want.”

Spotify users can listen to the “Behind The Lyrics: Hip Hop” and “Today’s Top Hits” playlists to kick off the new Spotify and Genius collaboration.

Everything Frank Ocean Has Been Up To Lately

Who would’ve thought that Frank Ocean would bless us with two albums last year–and STILL drop more heat after releasing them?! I for damn sure didn’t. To be honest though, I still have to set time aside to explore Frank’s visual album Endless.

For those of y’all who aren’t keeping up, back in February, Frank Ocean started his ‘Blonded’ Radio Show on Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music.

Since then, we’ve received six new Frank joints all stemming from his ‘Blonded’ radio show, one of them being an update of the Endless track “Slide on Me” featuring a Young Thug verse.

Here’s a quick update on all things Frank Ocean:

March 10th, 2017– “Chanel

The song is somewhat of an ode to the French fashion brand Chanel and its logo–a dual side “C”. The dual-side logo is symbolized to represent Frank’s sexuality, a topic taboo for some but not foreign to Frank’s music.

February 24, 2017: “Slide”

Slide” is a major collaboration produced by Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris featuring Frank and Migos. According to Genius, the song illustrates a wealthy lifestyle wanted by those wishing to live within more affluent means.Image result for calvin harris slide cover art

Harris originally teased snippets of “Slide” on his Snapchat just days before the song’s release. Believe it or not, the song is a future hit for all your upcoming summer-time vibes!

April 8, 2017: “Biking”


Frank recruits Jay Z and Tyler the Creator to create the mind-wandering single “Biking.” Ocean has created music with Tyler and Jay Z on separate occasions; however, this marks the first track they’ve all done together. Simply stated, the song is about riding bikes meanwhile Hov uses the song as a metaphor about life among other things.

April 24, 2017: “Slide on Me” feat. Young Thug

“Slide on Me” originally came from Ocean’s Endless album. Yesterday via his Blonded radio show, “Slide on Me” was re-released this time featuring a Young Thug verse.

April 22/24, 2017: “Lens” and “Lens V2” featuring Travis Scott

“Lens” marks the third song after “Biking” and “Chanel” released via Blonded. “Lens” follows a common thing of self-discovery vs. how Frank is viewed through the eyes of his friends and family.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to thank you Frank for continuing to bless us with more of your musical GENIUS. Honestly, he could releasing random songs without an album and I’d be content with all of us should!

Stream all of Frank’s new songs on all available platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

My first big interview (August 2015)

My first big interview

By Jamal Chatman

On Friday, August 7, 2015…one of the most prolific black female entertainers of our time graced us with her presence at my job with Entercom…and Mo’Nique is her name! From the outside looking in, it appears all celebrities survive on their fame and ego. However, it’s rare to witness our favorite celebs not basking in the limelight in exchange for being an everyday person like you and I. Whatever preconceived notions you may have about Mo’Nique, I guarantee they won’t be the same from this point on.

Mo’Nique had brought along fellow comedian Tone X to sit down with Dale Murray of 95.7 R&B. I’ve never witnessed a celebrity interview in person, so of course I was ecstatic when I was invited in the green room to watch! Once the interview began, I gradually began to focus on the personal touch to the actress-comedian. Mo’Nique emphasized that she wasn’t bringing Tone X along. Instead she was honored to have Tone X experience the people with her.

Although the interview was roughly 15 minutes long, Mo’Nique came to the interview to do more than make the entire room laugh. Among her thoughts, she shared her reaction to the Baltimore riots (Mo’Nique is a Baltimore native) resulting from the death of Freddie Gray, how Hollywood life has clashed with her family life, and also how important integrity is in the entertainment industry.

As Dale wrapped up with Mo’Nique and Tone X, what happened next is something I’ll never forget. She commanded that the video keep recording while politely asking me to take Dale’s seat. Opportunity doesn’t always knock, but I knew if it was headed my way…I had to take it!

No regrets. Just change. Mo’Nique opens up to chasing fame in the beginning of her career. According to her, chasing fame instead of motherhood led to a lack of nurturing in her son’s life, who is now 25 years old. The time lost with her son is the only thing she’d change about this career she choose to be in.

The rest of the video interview is just priceless. Especially what she said to me after the camera cut off! I truly admired how open she was with me for my first big interview. Thanks again Mo’Nique. I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors!

Hollywood never loses…or does it? (May 2015)

Jamal Chatman

13 May 2015

Editorial/Entertainment story


Hollywood never loses…or does it?

The formula for modern Hollywood films include capitalizing on millions to make a film, then hoping it grosses in the million-dollar range. Box office sales, promotional tours, movie merchandise and more contribute to a film’s success. However, there has been a pattern in Hollywood in which producers, directors and film companies remake or reboot movie ideas.

What happens when audiences grow tired of stagnant rehashed plots and refuse to watch these films? Although disregarded by casual moviegoers, movie aficionados recognize originality is no longer a factor in film making. You win some, you lose some.

Remakes and reboots are two separate entities. (an acronym for Cinematic Happenings Under Development) explains the difference as follows: “A remake is a straight re-telling of a story for the purpose of updating it for a contemporary audience, or making it accessible to a different culture or region.” Meanwhile, a reboot is a restart of an entire film franchise.

In 2012, Hollywood grossed $10.8 billion among six major film studios. Among these films, the top three grossing were “The Avengers,” “The Hunger Games,” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” which made between $400 and $600 million individually.

An overlooked reason for Hollywood lacking creativity is due to the craft of screenwriting and how it’s viewed. Screenwriters are hired to pen intricate details of a beautiful plot. Additionally, their job is to know what people want to see, hear and experience during the viewing of a film. Most plots still tell stories; however, some are readjusted to remain as high-concept films. High-concept films are films with simple-minded plots containing a lack of character development. In reality, the film producers are responsible for “writing” a film’s foundation through a secure financial backing.

The film industry remains true to entertaining, yet continues to strive for profit as the primary incentive. Self-proclaimed movie critics and enthusiasts depend on intuition to distinguish a good film from a bad one. This group won’t continue to entertain recycled films due to expanding interests in the salvation of movie plots. Meanwhile, causal movie goers tolerate remakes and reboots as these formats bring an aura of familiarity and limited taste in movies.

Original plots or not, Hollywood wins even when it loses.


When work and play make the best day (July 2015)

When work and play make the best day

July 27, 2015

By Jamal Chatman

At 22 years young, I’ve had a handful of enjoyable experiences I’ve prematurely dubbed as “the best time of my life.” None of those previous experiences prepared me for the epic event which Hampton Road residents know as Shaggfest, which happened Sat., July 25. However, up until last summer, Shaggfest wasn’t on my radar.

Last year, I attended Shaggfest as a casual concert goer. This year became the come-up as myself and nine others contributed to the overall success of Shaggfest as Z104 promotional assistants. On our end, promoting meant plastering “Z” banners all over Farm Bureau Live.

Around 3 p.m., Farm Bureau event staff opened the floodgates to let the crowd inside. The promo team and I had a “Z” table and tent stationed near the front entrance. We were tasked with greeting people as they walked in, and also snapping photos of fans with a life-sized Trey Songz cardboard cutout.

The cutout seemed so realistic that one woman nearly had an out-of-body experience when she thought Trey was that easily accessible. Once she realized the cutout wasn’t Songz in the flesh, she halfheartedly took the photo despite “Mr. Steal Your Girl” not physically being in front of her. This was only the beginning. As the Shaggfest crowd dramatically increased, I witnessed a flock of single women gesture themselves in the most provocative yet funniest of poses…all for a cardboard cutout!

Now imagine what would have happened if Trey was standing between us and the entrance of the venue. Not only would my team and I have been viciously mauled by the Trey’s Angels fan base, but Songz himself would have to fight off the countless women ready to throw themselves at him…and I thought I had the best job in the world!

Super-producer Timbaland and his protégé Tink, rapper-actor Rotimi from the series Power, Ma$e, and the “Classic Man” himself Jidenna all had powerhouse performances. Timbaland kept the crowd rocking when he performed his greatest hits with various artists from Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and late R&B starlet Aaliyah.


Time has flown and by the time Timbaland finishes his set, it’s a little after 9:30. Before “The Prince of VA” graced his presence on stage, Z104’s Shaggy himself laid down some rapping skills to some classic ‘90s hip-hop hits while DJ Babey Drew provided the music. Shaggy killed it! Who knows? Maybe one year, Shaggy could headline his own music festival.

Finally. The music is dramatically cut down. Only a slew of stage lights remain lit. The Jumbotron screen facing the upstage center wall blares out a random visual pattern. The time is 9:56 p.m. Screams and shrieks erupt from fans from the pit area to the lawn seats. Trey opens up with his most recent radio hit “Slow Motion.”

He did songs reaching as far back as his debut album I Gotta Make It to his most recent Trigga: Reloaded. Originally, I was reluctant to enjoy a male R&B artist whom caters his songs mainly to women. My main focus was on his all-female backup dancers. My mind changed when I heard some of my favorite Trigga cuts “Can’t Be Friends” and “I Invented Sex.” Eventually, I loosened up and sang along to all the songs I knew. Forget Coachella and Bonnaroo, Shaggfest is where I want to be every summer!


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