Kendrick Lamar and Nas Discuss the Swizz Beatz-Timbaland Beat Battle

Kendrick Lamar and Nas Discuss the Swizz Beatz-Timbaland Beat Battle. Between the two producer giants, who do y’all think is #WithTheSmoke?

At its forefront, not only is hip-hop a young man’s game, it’s also a competitive sport in which rap adversaries go head to head with bars—the end result guiding us (the fans) to determine which is the best emcee.

Although emcees fighting for “the throne” in rap is nothing new, a beat battle between producers is something worth the surrounding hype. I’m not necessarily certain if beat battles have been around; however, a match-up between the legendary Swizz Beatz and Timbaland will definitely go down in the rap history books.

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Just a couple weeks ago (July 14), Swizz challenged Timbo the King to a beat battle. The challenge was offered during a Hot 97 promo run for the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor fight. 

Timbaland has since accepted the battle leaving both producers to prep for the epic battle via their Instagram accounts.

Timbaland vs. @therealswizzz #challenge #accepted 👑 I'm #wit#da#smoke 💨

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Both super producers have campaigned the hottest names in rap— such as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Nas— about the outcome of the epic battle. Swizz caught up with Nas in a studio somewhere in which the Queensbridge legend calls Swizz and Timbo, “two top tier n-ggas going at it.” Nas didn’t give a clear answer on whose side he’s reppin’ but he encouraged the beat battle as “what the game needs.”

“Y’all both my brothers, so I just want to watch it go down,” he continues.

On the other side of the scale, Timbaland posted a video of Swizz chopping it up with Kendrick and Soulo. While Kendrick almost speaks a victory for Swizz into existence, he bounces back quickly by changing the subject. Watch what Kendrick says to Swizz regarding the battle and determine for yourself who Kendrick’s rollin’ with.

🙏🏾 @kendricklamar @therealswizzz #imwiththesmoke 🔥💨. #credits

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Swizz and Timbo just need to give us a date for this battle already. Both super producers are in it to win, no doubt. Whose everyone rooting for in the battle?

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When work and play make the best day (July 2015)

When work and play make the best day

July 27, 2015

By Jamal Chatman

At 22 years young, I’ve had a handful of enjoyable experiences I’ve prematurely dubbed as “the best time of my life.” None of those previous experiences prepared me for the epic event which Hampton Road residents know as Shaggfest, which happened Sat., July 25. However, up until last summer, Shaggfest wasn’t on my radar.

Last year, I attended Shaggfest as a casual concert goer. This year became the come-up as myself and nine others contributed to the overall success of Shaggfest as Z104 promotional assistants. On our end, promoting meant plastering “Z” banners all over Farm Bureau Live.

Around 3 p.m., Farm Bureau event staff opened the floodgates to let the crowd inside. The promo team and I had a “Z” table and tent stationed near the front entrance. We were tasked with greeting people as they walked in, and also snapping photos of fans with a life-sized Trey Songz cardboard cutout.

The cutout seemed so realistic that one woman nearly had an out-of-body experience when she thought Trey was that easily accessible. Once she realized the cutout wasn’t Songz in the flesh, she halfheartedly took the photo despite “Mr. Steal Your Girl” not physically being in front of her. This was only the beginning. As the Shaggfest crowd dramatically increased, I witnessed a flock of single women gesture themselves in the most provocative yet funniest of poses…all for a cardboard cutout!

Now imagine what would have happened if Trey was standing between us and the entrance of the venue. Not only would my team and I have been viciously mauled by the Trey’s Angels fan base, but Songz himself would have to fight off the countless women ready to throw themselves at him…and I thought I had the best job in the world!

Super-producer Timbaland and his protégé Tink, rapper-actor Rotimi from the series Power, Ma$e, and the “Classic Man” himself Jidenna all had powerhouse performances. Timbaland kept the crowd rocking when he performed his greatest hits with various artists from Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and late R&B starlet Aaliyah.


Time has flown and by the time Timbaland finishes his set, it’s a little after 9:30. Before “The Prince of VA” graced his presence on stage, Z104’s Shaggy himself laid down some rapping skills to some classic ‘90s hip-hop hits while DJ Babey Drew provided the music. Shaggy killed it! Who knows? Maybe one year, Shaggy could headline his own music festival.

Finally. The music is dramatically cut down. Only a slew of stage lights remain lit. The Jumbotron screen facing the upstage center wall blares out a random visual pattern. The time is 9:56 p.m. Screams and shrieks erupt from fans from the pit area to the lawn seats. Trey opens up with his most recent radio hit “Slow Motion.”

He did songs reaching as far back as his debut album I Gotta Make It to his most recent Trigga: Reloaded. Originally, I was reluctant to enjoy a male R&B artist whom caters his songs mainly to women. My main focus was on his all-female backup dancers. My mind changed when I heard some of my favorite Trigga cuts “Can’t Be Friends” and “I Invented Sex.” Eventually, I loosened up and sang along to all the songs I knew. Forget Coachella and Bonnaroo, Shaggfest is where I want to be every summer!