Jay Z Used Twitter To Salute His Favorite Artists

Jay Z Used Twitter To Salute His Favorite Artists





Jay Z is a man of many words—with the exception of Twitter. Jay rarely uses his Twitter, so when he does, it is viewed as a special occasion.


On Thursday (June 15), Hov released a string of tweets giving a huge nod to his favorite artists—new and old alike. The tweets followed his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

As a 47-year-old rapper-turned-mogul, we could all assume he has an understanding knowledge of Twitter; however, Hov admitted his thoughts were cluttered as he couldn’t figure out the reply button. He reeled us back in promising he wasn’t drunk.

Check the tweets below!

And then there’s more….

The fact that his wife, the great Queen B, and Obama both get a honorable mention as rappers…priceless!

Hov is the greatest of all time for this. Who else do yall think deserves to be inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame?


Here’s the Made in America 2017 Line-Up

Here’s the Made in America 2017 Line-Up

Music festival season is in full effect!

With Coachella all wrapped up, here lies another music fest I’ve dreamed of going to..but my pockets be like, “nah, son!”



Anyways, this September marks the fifth annual run of Jay Z‘s Made in America Festival. Another successful artists affiliated with Hov will be headlining the Made in America this year. You’ve may have heard of him–J.Cole!

That’s right, J.Cole will be headlining with his mentor and Roc Nation boss Jay Z this year for probably one of the most slept on festivals out there. Check out the full line-up below!