My first big interview (August 2015)

My first big interview

By Jamal Chatman

On Friday, August 7, 2015…one of the most prolific black female entertainers of our time graced us with her presence at my job with Entercom…and Mo’Nique is her name! From the outside looking in, it appears all celebrities survive on their fame and ego. However, it’s rare to witness our favorite celebs not basking in the limelight in exchange for being an everyday person like you and I. Whatever preconceived notions you may have about Mo’Nique, I guarantee they won’t be the same from this point on.

Mo’Nique had brought along fellow comedian Tone X to sit down with Dale Murray of 95.7 R&B. I’ve never witnessed a celebrity interview in person, so of course I was ecstatic when I was invited in the green room to watch! Once the interview began, I gradually began to focus on the personal touch to the actress-comedian. Mo’Nique emphasized that she wasn’t bringing Tone X along. Instead she was honored to have Tone X experience the people with her.

Although the interview was roughly 15 minutes long, Mo’Nique came to the interview to do more than make the entire room laugh. Among her thoughts, she shared her reaction to the Baltimore riots (Mo’Nique is a Baltimore native) resulting from the death of Freddie Gray, how Hollywood life has clashed with her family life, and also how important integrity is in the entertainment industry.

As Dale wrapped up with Mo’Nique and Tone X, what happened next is something I’ll never forget. She commanded that the video keep recording while politely asking me to take Dale’s seat. Opportunity doesn’t always knock, but I knew if it was headed my way…I had to take it!

No regrets. Just change. Mo’Nique opens up to chasing fame in the beginning of her career. According to her, chasing fame instead of motherhood led to a lack of nurturing in her son’s life, who is now 25 years old. The time lost with her son is the only thing she’d change about this career she choose to be in.

The rest of the video interview is just priceless. Especially what she said to me after the camera cut off! I truly admired how open she was with me for my first big interview. Thanks again Mo’Nique. I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors!


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