Lute – GED (Gettin’ Every Dolla) [Music Video Review]

For the video of his latest single “G.E.D. (Gettin’ Every Dolla)”, Lute brings a dual meaning to the song’s title and its visual.


N*ggas used t0 bump The Warm Up by Cole,

My n*gga used to warm the house with the stove


While the overall themes of Lute‘s music video for “GED” may be very bizarre, it’s worth tw0-and-a-half minutes of your day to still watch it. Metaphorically speaking, Lute turns his “pain into wealth” in a various ways. For example, the gold-mouthed rapper is partaking in activities typically reserved for the wealthy elite–such as playing chess or mounting a horse for what he appears to be dressed in a full jockey costume.

Towards the end of the video, viewers will notice that the creative direction behind “GED” and a general education diploma is synonymous with the visual’s vision. With this visual, it brings back videos with strange concepts that still work in the end. Check it out below and let me know you opinion in the comments below!

Lute turning his “pain into wealth” for the “GED” video.

Author: chatmanjay

"I love the game...I love the hustle...."

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