[WATCH]: Kendrick Lamar Drops Rihanna-Assisted Video for “LOYALTY.”

Kendrick Lamar drops another visual from his double-platinum album, DAMN. From “HUMBLE.” to “DNA.” and “ELEMENT.” to “LOYALTY.” is there a common theme within Kendrick’s most recent videos? Watch “LOYALTY.” and see for yourself.


Fresh off the heels of bringing out J.Cole and Chance the Rapper to his Detroit and Chicago shows, Kendrick Lamar continues to keep us tuned into his every move.


Although currently on tour promoting his most recent release DAMN, Kendrick continued to satisfy his fans by releasing the visual for the Rihanna-assisted track “LOYALTY.” As I mentioned in an older post covering his video for “ELEMENT.”, most Kendrick Lamar visuals have to be watched at least twice to understand the themes behind the music.

So imagine this: Ninjas (or at least I think what I think may be ninjas). Scantily-clad women representing temptation. Metal sharks under concrete road pavement. If you’re lost, I don’t blame you. Let’s break it down a bit further. Using the comments section for some sense of understanding (which is something I should do less of..unfortunately!), my interpretation is that each of these elements represents Kendrick trying to stay not only loyal to his woman (played by Rihanna), but to himself. Kendrick recognizes the more fame he achieves within the music industry, the more likely his moral values are inclined to disappear. The lyrics even speak for themselves. Watch the video below and let me know what yall think!



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