[WATCH]: “ELEMENT.” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar drops off another powerful visual from his fourth studio album, Damn. What do y’all think of the video?


Kendrick Lamar encapsulates art with every video. I’m not saying that as a fan of his work. I’m saying it because I believe it to be true.

The Damn rapper just released a video for “ELEMENT.” (*sings hook as I write this*) directed by Jonas Lindstroem and co-directed by The Little Homies. I literally just found via Google search that the group Little Homies consists of Kendrick and Top Dawg Entertainment president Dave Free!

With almost every Kendrick video, you have to pay attention and don’t blink..because you might miss something; however, I blame myself for gassing Kendrick and tricking myself into believing the visual was so abstract I missed something upon the first viewing of the video. 

Not gon lie though, I had to watch it again cuz you know! This particular visual may catch some of you off guard due to the slow-motion pace of the video. In the video, the balance between violence and inner-peace is contrasted as father teaches son how to fight, and Kendrick shhhhmacks the shit out a poor guy’s mouth, meanwhile he chases someone with a pool cue.

That’s pretty much how I interpret the visual. If yall have any other opinions, feel free to show some love to my comment section! Check the visual for “ELEMENT.” below.


Author: chatmanjay

"I love the game...I love the hustle...."

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