My New Album!

Y’all gon’ cop my new album when it drops, or nah?

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend everyone. For those of you who’ve kept asking me..I have great news for y’all! Yes, all the rumors you have heard are true! I’ll be dropping my first R&B album this weekend. Because I’ve received so much love before releasing it, I’ve decided to give it to y’all for the low price of FREE.99! Stream it on all available platforms.

Here’s the tracklist and album art and be sure to grab my album on February 32nd!

2017-05-13 14.28.22

  1. 22 Questions
  2. Mama, I Made It!
  3. Haters Gon Hate
  4. Hate Tha Playa, Not Tha Game
  5. Views from the 7
  6. Ballinnnnnn’
  7. I’ll Love You Better Than Your Lame Ex-Boyfriend
  8. He Just Mad He Can’t Match My Fly
  9. I’ma Like All Your Pictures On Instagram By “Accident” (Act Like I Neva Did It)

Author: chatmanjay

"I love the game...I love the hustle...."

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