Wiz Khalifa Receives Flack Over Memorial Day Tweet

Wiz Khalifa Receives Flack Over Memorial Day Tweet

If there’s any lesson to be taken away from Twitter— it’s this— “The tweets is always watching.

This past Sunday (May 28), Wiz Khalifa was slandered all over the Twittersphere after he tweeted what he believes Memorial Day means to him. Wiz tweeted, “Memorial Day is about getting sh-t faced and eatin’ bbq.”

Naturally, after the tweet was sent out, several other Twitter users responded with slander towards Wiz’s Memorial Day comment.

MMA fighter and stand-up comedian Gerald Harris was one of the first to blow up Wiz’s mentions with this:

After being grilled over his tweet by Harris and others, Wiz replied with, “Didn’t mean anything rude, that was just my way of saying sometime people rather focus on the good times than the bad,” he wrote.

Do y’all think Wiz deserved the slander over his Memorial Day tweets? Leave a comment down below!