Elysium Records is Logic’s New Music Venture

Logic’s next album might be his last; however, his departure from music isn’t here just yet. The 27-year-old emcee launched his own label called Elysium Records.

Dreamville. OVO Sound. MMG. G.O.O.D. Music.

What do these labels have in common? They’re all artist-owned music labels that are established enough to help other artists pursue their music careers. Although not a new concept, artist-owned music labels have been on the rise as of late.

We can now add Elysium Records to that list. Elysium Records is a new music venture for 27-year-old emcee Logic. This past Friday (May 30), Logic revealed and celebrated the launch of the new label. The Everybody rapper took to Instagram to share the news with fans saying, “This label is everything I’ve ever stood for.” Check out the full Instagram post here.

In a video from the Team Elysium YouTube channel, Logic shares his aspirations for Elysium. His artists—which he emphasizes are really like his family— include his wife Jessica Andrea, Big Lenbo, Damian Leman Hudson (whom appeared on Everybody‘s “Black Spiderman) and John Lihndal. The video detailing Logic’s new venture can be checked out below.

Are yall excited for Logic’s new label? Let me know how y’all feeling in the comments section.

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