Netflix’s “Dear White People” Has Scored A Second Season!

Netflix’s “Dear White People” Has Scored A Second Season!

Remember back in February when people were cancelling their Netflix subscriptions because they believed the show was promoting “white genocide”?

I know. Sounds crazy right!?

Those who cancelled their subscriptions are clearly clueless. The show and it’s title are meant to make us uncomfortable in an effort to address race relations in America—something that will always be the center of conversation.

Well apparently the cancelled subscriptions haven’t stopped anything because Dear White People has been renewed for a second season!

If you haven’t watched the show, it’s highly suggested you give it a watch. Although most Netflix originals are hour-long thirteen episode narratives, Dear White People will follow the first season’s format of ten 30 minute episodes.

Yvette Lee Bowser will return as showrunner for the Justin Simien created series.

The original cast is slated to return for the 2018 sophomore season.

Source(s): The IndependentVix


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