#TodayInMusicHistory: J. Cole’s “Truly Yours 2” Came Out 4 Years Ago

J.Cole drops the second installment of his “Truly Yours” series before his “Born Sinner” album arrives.


J.Cole dropped his second installment of the Truly Yours series.

While Chance was still climbing his way to music stardom with Acid Rap, J.Cole was practically already there with his yet-to-be released second album, Born Sinner.

Four years ago today, “Truly Yours 2” was four months before J.Cole’s sophomore album, “Born Sinner.”

Truly Yours 2 served as an appetizer before Born Sinner. The 6-track EP saw Cole going back to the ferociously calculated and smooth flow he was famous for on his earlier projects dating back to 2010’s Friday Night Lights.

What are some of your favorite tracks from Truly Yours 2? Show the comments section some love!



#TodayInMusicHistory – Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rap” Mixtape Marks Its Fourth Year Anniversary

Chance the Rapper’s Stellar “Acid Rap” Mixtape Marks Its Four Year Anniversary Today



Chance the Rapper‘s second mixtape, Acid Rap, came out four years ago today! If we’re keepin’ it a hunnit, I never would’ve thought Chance would’ve made it to the big leagues. Back in 2013 when Acid Rap dropped, the way his laid his vocals on tracks annoyed the hell out of me. His voice was cartoon-ish, yet still entertaining enough for the ever-changing landscape of rap music. But after a few listens, I couldn’t get enough of Chance’s music.

Please don’t misconstrue my statement as hate for Chance or his music. Furthermore, I never would’ve thought he’d finesse his way into being one of my favorite artists to win not one— not two— but THREE Grammys! Oh yeah, can’t forget this part…all without signing to a label (We all know how he feels about labels. Prime example being the catchy hook to Coloring Book‘s lead single “No Problem)!


What’s your favorite song from Chance’s Acid Rap? In no order, mine are “Juice”, “Favorite Song”, “Everybody’s Something”, and “Acid Rain.”

Leave your answers in the comment below.

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